Tenses Verbs

Present Simple I work
He works
I don't work
He doesn't work
Do I work?
Does he work?
Present Continuous I am working
He is working
I'm not working
He isn't working
Am I working?
Is he working?
Present Perfect I have worked
He has worked
I haven't worked
He hasn't worked
Have I worked?
Has he worked?
Past Simple I worked
He worked
I didn't work
He didn't work
Did I work?
Did he work?
Past Continuous I was working
He was working
I wasn't working
He wasn't working
Was I working?
Was he working?
Past Perfect I had worked
He had worked
I hadn't worked
He hadn't worked
Had I worked?
Had he worked?
Future Simple I will work
He will work
I won't work
He won't work
Will I work?
Will he work?
Future(to be+ going to) I'm going to work
He's going to work
I'm not going to work
He isn't going to work
Am I going to work?
Is he going to work?
Can (and other aux.) I can work
He can work
I can't work
He can't work
Can I work?
Can he work?
Present Perfect Cont. I have been working
He has been working
I haven't been working
He hasn't been working
Have I been working?
Has he been working?
Past Perfect Cont. I had been working
He had been working
I hadn't been working
He hadn't been working
Had I been working?
Had he been working?
Future Continuous I will be working
He will be working
I won't be working
He won't be working
Will I be working?
Will he be working?
Future Perfect Cont. I will have been working
He will have been working
I won't have been working
He won't have been working
Will I have been working?
Will he have been working?