ABC Activities  Personal Pronouns Object   

Completa los espacios en blanco escribiendo el pronombre correcto en cada caso.
I like John and he likes .
My parents and I live in the same house, I live with .
Mary is my best friend. I have known for 5 years.
We go to school every day. Our teacher gives a lot of homework.
I bought this magazine yesterday, but I don't like very much, there are too many ads in .
John lives next door, but I don't see very often.
My sister has the biggest bedroom, I envy .
You must come out of hiding, I can't find .
Tom and Mary came to my house yesterday and I gave tea and biscuits.
Mary is going to send a letter next week. I look forward to receiving .
We want to watch TV. Can you tell what's on?
Be honest to your parents, always tell the truth.
Phone at one o'clock, I will be home then.
John is always at home after 7 pm. You can phone then.
If you find your homework difficult I can help .