ABC Activities - Exercise 11 - Question Words

Completa correctamente cada pregunta (What?, Who?, When?, Where?, How?, How long?, How far?, Why?, Which?, Whose?, How much?,How many?, How often?,, What time?)
is that lady walking her dogs? Do you know her?
is her name?
old is she?
does she live?
is her birthday?
does she get up? At 7 o'clock?
does she walk the dogs? 5 times a day?
is it from her house to the woods? Half a mile?
does she take to walk to the woods? 10 minutes?
dogs has she got? Just the two she is taking for a walk now?
money does she spend on food for her dogs?
does she only take two dogs out on each walk? Because they are so big?
dog is her favourite? The white one or the black one?
dog is the one running loose? Is it the neighbour's dog?
does she manage with all those pets she has?
is her house with all those dogs in it?