ABC Activities  Present Simple   

Completa los espacios en blanco escribiendo la palabra correcta.
1. Mary (like) Jazz, she (listen) to it every evening.
2. Peter (play) football every Wednesday and Friday.
3. Tom and Jane (live) in a big house in the country.
4. Vegetarians (not eat) meat, they (prefer) vegetables.
5. Mother usually (prepare) lunch, father (lays) the table, the children (do)the washing up.
6. I (speak) three languages, but I (not speak) Chinese.
7. A journalist (write) for a magazine, he (visit) many different places.
8. Tom (go) jogging every afternoon, he (run) 5 km.
9. Kevin (drink) whisky, but he (like) wine.
10. I (have) a new mobile phone and my friend (have) the same one in a different colour.