ABC Activities    Friend 2 - Unit 4 (Present Simple & Continuous)   

Completa los espacios en blanco escribiendo la forma verbal correcta (Presente Simple o Presente Continuo).
1. I usually (get up) at 8 o'clock, but today I (stay) in bed, it's Sunday.
2. A nurse (work) in a hospital, she (look) after sick people.
3. The nurse (take) a patient's temperature, look the patient is a little boy.
4. I (read) a brilliant book. Look, I'm on page 25.
5. Take an umbrella, it (rain).
6. I (remember) my holiday in London, look, I (put) the photos in an album at the moment.
7. Susan always (eat) vegetables, but her brother (not like) them.
8. I (have) a shower every morning, Peter a shower now.
9. Rick (eat) breakfast at the moment, but his brother never (have) breakfast.
10. Mother (watch) a quiz on TV at the moment, she always it.